New Year geek quest

Posted by Mariia Mykhailova on December 30, 2011

A couple of days ago I gave way to New Year spirit and decided to create a geek quest. Well, here it is: :-)

The principle is: on each level you are given a task (a text file or an image). You have to solve it to get a password for the archive which contains the next level. Zero-level archive ( has no password.

The tasks of the quests are related to esoteric programming languages, but they don't require deep knowledge of the domain - most of them need only a moment of enlightenment or a wild guess. Thinking outside the box is helpful too.

Since one can extract a lot of versions of hidden message from any text, let alone from an image, correct password is prefixed with "pwd:" for all levels (you have to enter the password without this prefix).

I hope you'll enjoy the quest. Happy New Year!

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